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The generational history of our company began in May 1978

The generational history of our company began in May 1978

Company founders Horst and Irene Belding and two other employees were involved in the development and series production of surfboards for the leisure and regatta sector, which were sensationally light and therefore fast at the time, manufactured using hand laminates of glass fiber reinforced plastics (GRP).

At the beginning of the 1980s, a new business area developed: aerodynamic parts for well-known automobile tuning companies. In the years from 1983 onwards, this area was further expanded and in 1984 at the latest, when Markus Erbelding and his wife Sabine (née Belding) joined the company, this division became increasingly important. In the meantime, our company already employed 15 people.

In 1987, we began developing accessories for the pickup truck, which was still a relatively new species in Germany at the time. Within a very short space of time, we were able to offer hardtops, load compartment trays and even living cabins for all pickup vehicles. When Peter Galatz joined the company in 1994, our production area was expanded to include the manufacture of plastic elements for the industrial sector.

Horst and Irene Belding retired from the company in 1996. We now employ around 20 people and offer our constantly growing customer base high-quality plastic products for a wide range of applications. Our company has been verified since 2001.

On May 1, 2009, there was a devastating fire caused by a third party, which destroyed the entire production, almost the entire warehouse and a large part of the offices. This was followed by difficult years in which we unfortunately, largely let down by the insurance company, had to place half of our employees with other companies in order to survive at all. With the core of the team and reinforced by the 3rd generation in the form of Dennis and Tim Erbelding, who joined at this time, we were able to rebuild a large part of the production and the warehouse within a few years and thus also avert this crisis.

Markus Erbelding took his well-deserved retirement in 2016.

Dennis Erbelding took over the management from Sabine Erbelding in 2018.

In June 2020, Managing Director Peter Galatz left us for pre-retirement a little earlier than planned due to the coronavirus crisis – but he is taking the window construction business with him and will continue to run it as a small business in future. You are welcome to send inquiries to galatz-fenster@web.de.

We currently employ 8 people in production and 3 in the office. Depending on the workload, there are also temporary staff for the office, production and logistics.

Our activities extend to design drafting, modeling and
toolmaking and the manufacture of plastic parts for small and medium-sized
Large series. We are also a well-known manufacturer of beltop hardtops and
also sell accessories for pickups and always endeavor to offer you
to ensure the best possible advice.

We are constantly trying to develop further and are interested in your ideas and requests!

You can also find more information about our fields of activity at www.hbelding.de


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