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Ford Ranger Hardtop – beltop classic & highline
The beltop hardtop for the Ford Ranger Extra Cab (Extracab) pickup is available from year 2006.

In the standard version we supply a hardtop with a shiny white, robust gelcoat outer layer. It does not need to be processed further, but can still be painted or foiled later. The standard version of the hardtop is closed at the side, has a rigid front window, a tinted, lockable tailgate with a third brake light and an LED interior light. In addition, all seals are pre-assembled, so that the hardtop can only be placed on the loading area and attached without drilling. This is done using our included mounting kit with brackets. All you need is a 13 key. The GRP structure in the interior is painted gray. This means you can also clean the inside of the hardtop with a steam jet without any problems.

Due to the single-shell construction, the beltop hardtops are extremely stable in relation to their weight. The roof is also stiffened by a foam panel (sandwich). This means that heavy roof structures (e.g. roof tents) or interior fittings are also possible.

Several side windows, front windows and roof rack systems are available for individualization. Of course, we can also paint the hardtops in any color you want at the factory.

If you don’t see the equipment you want, just ask! We would be happy to try to implement all of your wishes. In the past we have already been able to implement many options such as roof hatches, tool boxes, light bars, roof baskets, etc.

All in all, the beltop hardtop is suitable for anyone who is looking for a simple, practical solution to cover the loading area of ​​the Ford Ranger pickup, such as craftsmen, dog owners, lumberjacks, foresters, hunters, construction workers, etc.